30 poems written by Stephanie Pruitt in 30 days inspired by works in the 30 Americans art exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Nashville, TN. Fall 2013.


Everyday from October 27th to November 25th 2013, I'll visit the 30 Americans exhibit and:

1. select a work from a different artist, stand or sit and write, write, write -- producing a draft of a poem.

2. record and share a video blog discussing the poem, artwork, process, and issues related to the project's BIG TOPICS

* On select days, invite community members to join me at the exhibit to write. With intentional outreach, we'll gather diverse groups of people with a range of experiences, aesthetics, and beliefs about literary and visual art.

3. produce a professional documentary film, educational/conversation starter materials, and mixed media exhibit chronicling the poetry as public art process.


30x30x30 explores:

- arts engagement, participation, accessibility

-responding to art with art, generative creative conversations

- artistic process (activating creativity, enabling constraints)

- activating creative spaces/placemaking

- the poetry/visual art connection

- public art (ways to make literary projects into public art experiences)

- issues surrounding identity and social dynamics

- arts administration and creative project planning

Day 23

… coming soon. Be patient with this poet who is learning/struggling through video technology.

Day 29

… coming soon

Day 30

… coming soon

30x30x30 is a community-based arts project that was initiated by Stephanie Pruitt and made possible through lots of resourceful, creative waymaking AND the generosity of our online (Indiegogo) and offline crowdfunding donors.

Thank you so much for your support!

Questions? Want to support or get involved? Contact: stephanie@stephaniepruitt.com