Two roads


So I Climbed A Tree

       and DISCOVERED

a Bridge.

I'M STEPHANIE PRUITT.  I'm a left/right brained, outside of the lines thinker who creates...

  • Poems
  • Aha Moments
  • Events
  • Keynote Talks
  • Workshops
  • Connections
  • Art
  • Strategies

I help artists and thought leaders connect the dots between business & art in valuable ways that don't feel like plucking your eyelashes out with chopsticks.

Are You Minding Your Creative Business?


"If Bubba Gump were a poet, he'd be me, finding 100s of ways to apply poems to our daily lives."-@PruittStephanie 

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Stephanie is a leader with a soul for growing communities through words and meaningful participation. She is a thoughtful and honest artist-advocate and wonderful public speaker.

- Jennifer Cole, Exec. Director, Metro Nashville Arts Commission

Stephanie brings diverse audiences together and is a complete joy to work with. Anyone needing an exceptionally creative change agent, REACH OUT TO STEPHANIE!

- Rev. jeff obafemi carr, Producer & Writer, Founder, Infinity Fellowship

My equation: #Art = #Ideas. Ideas = currency. Artists create currency. Contract with an artist today!

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Here are a few ways I've been MINDING MY CREATIVE BUSINESS:

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Creative Business Strategies
Creative Business Strategies Professional Development Workshops
Click for more information about workshops.
Civic Growth
Civic Growth Consulting & Community Service
Learn about Stephanie's placemaking and consulting.
Community Connector
Community Connector Poems & Pancakes
Learn more about Poems & Pancakes.
Developing ARTrepreneurs
Developing ARTrepreneurs Project Based Learning
Learn more about project based learning for teens.
Arts Education
Arts Education Creativity for students of all ages.
Stephanie has taught at Vanderbilt University, Sewanee Young Writers' Conference, and as a visiting artist in over one hundred k-12 and community settings.
Stephanie has been honored as:
- Nashville Emerging Learder Award Finalist
- The Academy of American Poets Award
- one of Essence Magazines "40 Favorite Poets"
- TN Arts Commission Professional Grant Recipient
Education & Training
Education & Training
Stephanie has learned as a:
- Cave Canem Graduate Fellow
- Periscope Artist Entrepreneur Training Alum
- MFA, Creative Writing, Vanderbilt University
- BBA, Marketing, MTSU
Now I Want to Work With You
Now I Want to Work With You
Let's Collaborate and Make Something Awesome

Stephanie is an invaluable partner who can generate powerful ideas for career development. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, she gets people thinking in new ways. I highly recommend Stephanie for any group looking to delve deep and come away with clarity and a strategic plan for explosive growth.

- Jacob Weiss, PhD  Director, Playing By Air Productions & Creativity Moves

A #business that isn't #creative won't be in business for long. ARTrepreneurs know.

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What's your role in the creative ecosystem of your community?

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Stephanie thinks outside of the box. Even better, if there is a box, she sees it as more than just a box. Her ideas are boundless and spark creativity even in people who think they are the most left of left brained thinkers.

- Laini Brown, Publicist, Hachette Book Group

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six  one  five  784.8636

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​"I grow my list of ways art, artists, and ARTrepreneurship positively shape our world as often as I change my hair. ...yeah, constantly!"

Stephanie Pruitt never learned that art and business can't mix. She's equally comfortable in her studio and at boardroom tables, but never settles for business as usual at either. Stephanie is an award winning, published poet and visual maker who has taught arts education and creative writing at Vanderbilt University, Sewanee Young Writers' Conference, and as a visiting artist in over a hundred k-12 and community settings. Over the past 15 years, while maintaining her creative practice, she's run an event planning company, art gallery, publishing firm, and social science research center. Stephanie is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize and Essence Magazine named her one of their “40 Favorite Poets.” These days, the native Nashvillian has opted out of the old 9 to 5 model and lets her creativity lead her. She's combining her backgrounds in marketing and entrepreneurship & fine art in order to help other explorers and dreamers do the same.

The ARTrepreneur and TEDx speaker curates Poems & Pancakes and created a line of poetry vending machines. Stephanie leads Mind Your Creative Business workshops and coaching sessions for organizations, artists, and thought leaders incorporating creativity as a professional strategy.

She is an active part of her local community as a Commissioner for the Metro Nashville Arts Commission, as well as serving on the board of directors for the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville. Stephanie has volunteered at Magdalene House and Thistle Farms for the past eleven years as a creative writing facilitator and former board member.

Family is her greatest work of art. Stephanie has a teen aged, musician daughter, thespian and chef in training tween, and two furry, tail wagging kiddos. She co-chairs her home life and big bucket list with her husband, Al Gaines. The multi-passionate dot connector is working towards her dream of owning and operating an alpaca farm/arts event center/braintrust retreat/bed and breakfast.